Tinsletown Dreams: The 50’s Available on iPhone, Demo Impressions

on March 18, 2010 5:50 PM

Tinsletown Dreams: The 50's Available on iPhone, Demo Impressions

Tinsletown Dreams: The 50’s is now available in the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store. This puzzle game seeks to bring new twists to the Match 3 puzzle game genre. Players can get a free 60 minutes of play on PC via the demo by clicking here. Read on for my first-hand impressions of the demo as I took out some time to see what this game is all about.

Tinsletown Dreams: The 50's Available on iPhone, Demo ImpressionsThe game is very easy to get into, and features two modes. In puzzle mode, users will use a familiar interface of matching 3 items, think connect 4 minus the diagonal and its only 3. You start off your first round of Tinsletown Dreams: The 50’s director’s mode after your first puzzle mode is won. The resources you have so far produce barely the skeleton of a movie scene. Game play in puzzle mode is fun and simple, but does still keep your mind busy.

Tinsletown Dreams: The 50's Available on iPhone, Demo ImpressionsIn the next rounds you are introduced to more advanced game play features of the the game. Popcorn Frenzy, for example, is a bonus reward for making lots of matches quickly in a row of combos. From this point on, you will use Popcorn Frenzy to eliminate certain tiles randomly and shake up the board multiple times each round. Other bonus tiles and key to lock treasure puzzles emerge in the board engaging a strategic element to how you play while enhancing the fun factor.

Tinsletown Dreams: The 50's Available on iPhone, Demo Impressions5 Match bonuses, gift package prizes, and unlocking treasure chests not only gain you more points for your director’s budget, but also can earn you assets for your scene. The 5 Match bonuses enhance game play by giving you special abilities such as driving over tiles with your car or smashing them with a hammer. The game is easy to pick up and play and feels pretty fun although puzzle games of this type are typically not my thing. You can download the PC demo here if you’d like to check it out, and you can pick up Tinsletown Dreams: The 50’s in the app store for the iPod/iPhone today!

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