VVVVVV Developer Releases Latest Game Tiny Heist on PC

VVVVVV Developer Releases Latest Game Tiny Heist on PC

Popular Indie developer Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV, Super Hexagon) has created an old school stealth game with his latest, Tiny Heist. The game was born out of a ‘7 Day Roguelike’ jam where the dev obviously took inspiration from the original Rogue. It’s out now to play for free on your browser or through itch.io.

You guide your anthropomorphic ‘@’ sign up a series of tower floors all while dodging guards and dogs. Movement is turn-based giving you a chance to think about your next plan of attack. Even though the game takes inspiration from early DOS games, modern gameplay elements give it life.

Guards have field of vision and will pursue you if you cross that path. There are alarms that will alert all enemies in the vicinity. You can sneak up behind your foes to knock them out for a set amount of time. It’s surprisingly difficult and hard to put down once you’ve picked it up. The 4-bit graphics have a nostalgic charm to them and the simple beeps and boops as sound effects fit perfectly.

Cavanagh designed the game to be his last hurrah for Flash, the dying design tool. As he moves into HTML5, he created a version of Tiny Heist on that platform. The dev calls it ‘experimental’ and warns of its ‘buggy’ nature. Cavanagh’s release blogpost makes no mention of expanding upon the core game but hopefully he’ll add more to this heist or start fresh with a brand new roguelike.

You can see the title in action below: