Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, UnDungeon, Hellpoint, Swag & Sorcery, and Pandemic Express Announced by tinyBuild

During its PAX West 2018 Press Confernece, tinyBuild announced Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, Pandemic Express, Swag & Sorcery, UnDungeon, and Hellpoint.

Late last night, indie developer and publisher tinyBuild Games kept to its promise and unveiled new games during a press conference just before PAX West. These five games are UnDungeon by Laughing Machines, Hellpoint from Cradle Games, Swag & Sorcery from Uroboros Games, Pandemic Express by tinyBuild themselves, and Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek from Dynamic Pixels.

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek for PC serves as a prequel to Hello Neighbor, and follows the children of the titular antagonist. After losing their mother towards the start of the game, things slowly start to devolve for the worst, which is demonstrated pretty clearly in the initial trailer. Meanwhile, UnDungeon is an action-RPG roguelike that follows seven different playable Heralds, who are trying to mend their universe after seven versions of Earth were fused together in something called The Shift.

Hellpoint is a fairly ambitious Souls-like that takes place on a space station after a horrific event. All sorts of monsters and daemons have taken over, and players have to try to survive and stop them. Hellpoint is expected to release on all modern platforms, and will be playable to the public for the first time at PAX West. Swag & Sorcery is described as a “streamlined RPG” where players can craft equipment and build up their village before sending their best warriors on quests to find loot. It is being developed alongside Punch Club developer Lazy Bear Games, and that game’s influence is very apparent.

Finally, Pandemic Express is a multiplayer shooter clearly inspired by Halo’s Infection mode. Several players spawn, with one being turned into a zombie. The others must try to get to a train and survive while being perused by said zombie, with each players caught turning into a zombie and adding to said chase. tinyBuild are currently accepting sign-ups for the Alpha on the game’s website.

Check out trailers for all five games below. Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek will release this December while UnDungeon, Pandemic Express, Swag & Sorcery, and Hellpoint will all arrive in 2019.

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