THQ Nordic’s Titan Quest Receives New Ragnarök Expansion, After Decade-Long Hiatus

THQ Nordic has stealth released the latest expansion Ragnarök for their action role-playing title Titan Quest after a ten year hiatus.

on November 19, 2017 3:10 PM

Ten years after the release of Immortal Throne in 2007, THQ Nordic has stealthily released the second expansion of their action role-playing game Titan Quest. The new expansion pack is titled Ragnarök and adds a slew of new things to the Anniversary Edition of the game.

Players can expect to find a brand new story act as well as a lot of new side quests to go along with it. The new act will be the largest one in the game. Additionally, revisiting previous acts in the story will reward you with new items to find as well as other secrets.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to become a Runemaster, a magical warrior who uses both spells and weapons in battle. Alongside all of that, new weapons, armors, and crafting items are also included in Ragnarök. The new crafting items will allow you to make upgrades to legendary items in your inventory. The team has also included some new improvements to character customization as well as technical fixes in the overall game as well.

Titan Quest first released back on June 26, 2006, for PC. You can grab the Anniversary Edition of the game now for $3.99 on Steam; the new Ragnarök expansion is also available for $14.99. You can check out a new trailer for the expansion down below.

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