EA Plans to Sell “Magnificent” Titanfall 2 for “Many, Many Years;” Talks Battlefield 1 Performance

EA Plans to Sell “Magnificent” Titanfall 2 for “Many, Many Years;” Talks Battlefield 1 Performance

At the Credit Suisse 2016 Annual Technology Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, Electronic Arts Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore talked about the performance of Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1.

First of all, Moore praised Titanfall 2, explaining that Electronic Arts plans to sell it for “many, many years” to come.

“When you got an 89-rated game in Titanfall 2, just a magnificent game, deep quality, with a constant flow of free content coming over the next twelve months, huge opportunity for us to continue to build on that playerbase.

One thing we do incredibly well is take a great title like this, and leverage it for many years to come. we’re gonna be selling Titanfall 2 on a global basis for many, many years”

He then mentioned that Battlefield 1 is in the same position, and the chance to sell both titles on the long run is almost unprecedented since when he has started working at Electronic Arts.

“At the same time, Battlefield 1 has got off to what is obviously a very, very strong start, so I think we’re less competing against each other, we’re competing for time. When you think about FY18, and we look at FY18, and we look at FY19, the ability for us to continue to sell both of these titles is almost unprecedented in my time at EA, to have two powerful FPS. wholly-owned IP in the case of Battlefield 1, a world-class developer in the case of Respawn, that is very committed to delivering content, which will constantly refresh the experience, I think it’s a huge opportunity.

I don’t worry about sell-through in a particular week. I think long-term, across fiscal years. I think about what market share shifts to for us, and I think that being able to engage a customer and retain a customer, which we’ve done brilliantly with Battlefield, quite frankly using Battlefield 4 as a great way to bring people in and then move them on to the next iteration.”

Moore concluded mentioning that the Respawn team has created a “magnificent game,” and despite the launch in a crowded period, “quality always shines through.”

“The same applies, I think, with Titanfall 2. What Vince Zampella and his team have done is creating a magnificent game, one of the top-rated games of the year, it came, as it’s always, at a crowded time, but quality always shines through. And our ability to continue to sell this game on their behalf for many years to come, I think is very clear and obvious.”

It’ll be interesting to see if both games will really continue to sell and be successful as long as Electronic Arts hopes. They’re certainly excellent games, as you can read in our own reviews of both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.