Titanfall 2: First Two Titans “Ion” and “Scorch” Revealed; Playable on PS4 at EA Play

Titanfall 2: First Two Titans “Ion” and “Scorch” Revealed; Playable on PS4 at EA Play

During the livestream Electronic Arts is delivering fro EA Play, Respawn Entertainment revealed the first two titans that will be included in Titanfall 2, that will release for PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 28th.

The two titans are Ion and Scorch, and are part of the six included in the game. Earlier today, it was mentioned that there would be six new titans, and now we learn that there are six in total, meaning that the titans from the first game won’t return in the new one.

Scorch is “all about fire,” it’s a big brute, and has abilities you can combo like a gas canister that you can throw and then light on fire with his other weapons.

Ion is “all about lasers” resource management, it comes with a shoulder laser and a particle cannon.


Laser-focused, the Ion is all about power. With a central energy system that fuels all of its offensive and defensive abilities, the Ion is an effective, tactical force on The Frontier.

Primary Weapon: Splitter Rifle – Rapid single-fire energy rifle with the ability to leverage the Ion’s central energy system to fire 3 deadly shots at once.


    Shoulder-mounted, this lethal beam cuts through anything in its way.


    Laser trixggered explosive mines.


    Absorb incoming fire and redirect it back at the enemy.


    A deadly oversized laser beam fired from the chest of the Ion and capable of stopping anything it its path.


Short for “Scorched Earth”, Scorch’s primary offensive and defensive weapon is fire. Blunt and direct, Scorch can chain its abilities to force enemies out of cover, or trap them to deal maximum damage.

Primary Weapon: T-203 Thermite Launcher – Lethal, single shot thermite projectiles that set ablaze anything within range.


    The name says it all – fires a directed wall of thermite in the enemies direction.


    Deploys flammable gas canisters which can be triggered by the slightest spark.


    Liquifies incoming artillery while dealing damage to nearby enemies.


    Creates a giant wave of fire that destroys anything in its path.

Interestingly, the folks at Respawn talked about Scorch as “he” and Ion as “she,” possibly hinting to the fact that titans have a sort of gender. After all in the single player trailer we noticed that they certainly seem to have a some form of personality, so why not a gender?

Three “Tacticals” have also been revealed. Those are special abilities you can select for your pilot. Grapple lets you reach places quickly and pull enemies closer, Pulse Blade is a lethal weapon that also does a sonar pulse that can let you detect enemies. Holo Pilot it’s a mirror image that mirrors your last move.

Interestingly, it was also revealed that the game is playable at EA Play on PS4. It’s unknown if that means that PS4 is the lead platformf or the game, or if Electronic Arts has any marketing deal with Sony.

Below you can see the new titans and some pilot models.