DualShockers' Community Playdate: Titanfall 2 Rides Again

By Scott Meaney

August 2, 2018

We’re going back for more Titanfall 2 on PS4! For this week’s DualShockers Community Playdate, we’re out for revenge… since we managed to get smacked down mercilessly in every round last week.

Besides, we’ve been posting cool Spider-Man interviews and videos today, so we’ve got a hankering for some pseudo-web-slinging.

What we’re saying is: if there are any Titan Pilots in the audience, we could sure use a hand in tonight’s stream. Join us for another foray into one of the best multiplayer shooters of this generation.

Standby for Titanfall 2… I Love Saying That 

When: Thursday, August 2nd at 8:30pm EDT
Join our in-game Titanfall 2 Network: [DUAL] DUALSHOCKERS

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Brief-Yet-Specific Titanfall 2 Instructions:

  • To match up with us easily, set your “active network” to [DUAL] DUALSHOCKERS. This puts us all in a temporary clan for simple matchmaking.
  • We’re talking to each other using standard PSN voice chat, so bring your headphones. My party (PSN: ZeroKarizma) will be open.
  • Optional, but fun: spend your credits to join Team Drunk (Angel City Elite). Barker is the best announcer.
  • Option, but therapeutic: maybe bring a drink… if this is anything like last time, we’re all going to need to follow Barker’s advice.


That’s pretty much it. For further instructions, stay tuned to our Discord or Twitch channel. If you’re just looking to watch, hop into our game! Everyone is welcome!

Titanfall 2 has been on sale repeatedly since launch. The odds are good that a lot of us have it at this point. If not, here’s an affiliate link

For more community fun from DualShockers, be sure to join us on all of our official channels:

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