Titanfall 2’s Free Future DLC Outlined; Upcoming Live Fire Mode Detailed and Dated, Colony Map Returning

Titanfall 2’s Free Future DLC Outlined; Upcoming Live Fire Mode Detailed and Dated, Colony Map Returning

Today — via a new bog post — developer Respawn Entertainment further detailed Titanfall 2’s previously announced, second DLC, which notably adds a new mode called Live Fire. Beyond detailing the next DLC drop — which is called the Live Fire update — the developer also teased more future DLC, including the return of a fan favorite map.

Notably, the blog post begins with Respawn stating that it is “very happy” with how Titanfall 2 is performing, though it still opted to not release any sale figures. But that’s enough sale speculation, let’s jump into the new information.

As detailed in the above linked post, the game’s second free DLC adds a new Live Fire Mode, along with two new maps that will be exclusive to the new mode.

Live Fire is a fast-paced round based 6v6 pilot only elimination mode. Each round gives players a mere 60 seconds to eliminate the enemy team. If neither team can eliminate the other team completely after a minute, then the team holding the neutral flag will win, regardless of how many players they’ve lost (they just need one). According to the blog post, knowing how and when to pick up the flag is a core aspect of the mode’s meta.

Griffin Dean, the designer behind the mode said it was inspired by speedball matches in paintball. Dean adds:

“We wanted to capture the spirit of these lightning-fast competitive matches and give it a Titanfall twist. Live Fire, like speedball, is fundamentally about forward momentum. You have to advance against the enemy, attack aggressively without hesitation, and make split second decisions that can make or break your team’s victory.”

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As for the new Live Fire exclusive maps, they are said to be designed around controlled sight-lines, choke points, and flank routes. Further, they are crafted to force confrontation and focus combat. Dean adds the following about the maps:

“These aren’t reactionary encounters: it’s best to have a game plan. You know where your enemy is coming from and you must utilize your abilities and mobility to outplay them. If you manage to flank your opponents, you can devastate their ranks.”

The Live Fire update is set to release sometime in February, and be the game’s first DLC in 2017. Respawn also has said it is currently work building and testing new content that it will release over the next few months. The developer was not prepared to reveal full details on the additional future content, but it did say there will be new Prime Titans and cosmetics you can purchase at the store, a large patch that will bring a host of bug fixes, balance tweaks, new online features, a new weapon, a new Pilot execution, and more. Further, it also teased the return of the another Titanfall classic map: Colony.

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Further details about the return of Colony were not shared, but Dean did say that the new coat of paint is looking great.

Lastly, Respawn released the following image, providing a roadmap of its future free DLC:

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