Titanfall: Amazon Removing Reviews from Listing Page, Possibly Influencing the Game’s Rating (Updated)

Titanfall: Amazon Removing Reviews from Listing Page, Possibly Influencing the Game’s Rating (Updated)

At the moment Titanfall has a s four stars and a half custiomer review score on its listing page on Amazon, with only 39 reviews, which seems to be quite a high score compared to the 6.0 user score on Metacritic. The number of reviews itself seems to be very low compared to how massively anticipated the game is.

Apparently the retailer has been removing many customer reviews, as alleged by multiple users on Amazon’s own forums (two examples can be found here and here. We included two screencaps of the discussions at the bottom of the post, should the threads go the way of the dodo like the reviews themselves) including reviews from verified purchasers.

Interestingly enough, reviews are currently being removed from both ends of the spectrum, even if discussions on the forums seem to indicate a previous wipe of low scores. We saw the most recent removals ourselves, as the screencaps below show, displaying the change in reviews within 10 minutes (earlier on top, later below it).



While it’s doubtless that it’s Amazon’s best interest to keep the rating of such a hot game stable to avoid discouraging purchases, and I’m sure there was quite a bit of trolling within the reviews, the same extreme treatment hasn’t been extended to other games and products, so the whole hoopla seems to be quite unwarranted.

Here at DualShockers we loved Titanfall, and Personally I think that it’s a great game, but maybe retailers that let users “score” their purchase should let the rating run its natural course instead of influencing it one way or another, or allow just verified purchasers to write user reviews and then let them express their opinion freely. Otherwise what is the meaning of having a customer rating system at all?

Update: looks like the situation is continuing, with a lot more reviews going the way of the dodo, as shown by more screencaps provided by NeoGaf user Nilaul.

TitanfalEarlier2 TitanfalLater2

Update 2: apparently some of the reviews have now been reinstated, bringing the score down to three and a half stars.