Origin Website Teases Titanfall Beta, then Removes the Message (UPDATED)

Origin Website Teases Titanfall Beta, then Removes the Message (UPDATED)

Looks like the pre-release testing for Titanfall is being handled a bit roughly by Electronic Arts with unclear and often conflicting messages, starting with the technical alpha last weekend and continuing with the possible beta teased today.

Earlier today the Origin Store had some interesting subtext posted on the Titanfall page–apparently it stated that the Titanfall beta would be coming soon, as initially reported by Titanfall Blog:


Unfortunately the text has since been taken off the site, leaving us with the doubt on whether it was a mistake or simply something not yet ready to be announced.

We reached out to Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment for a clarification on the issue, and we’ll keep you updated if we hear any relevant information.

Update: in response to questions from fans (even if not directly about this “announcement”), Respawn Entertainment tweeted:

We have not announced a Beta for Titanfall and our PC specs are in the works. Stay tuned for updates.

We’ll update further if we receive a direct response with more information from the developer.