Titanfall Expedition DLC Revealed; it Will Include Three Maps, Coming May; Free Content also Incoming

on April 12, 2014 5:05 PM

During a panel at PAX East Respawn Entertainment unveiled the first Titanfall DLC pack including three maps, named Titanfall Expedition. It will be released in May.

The maps will be set after the game’s campaign, and the picture above shows a map called “Swampland,” with a lot of “archaic alien technology” in it. From a gameplay standpoint there will be a lot of trees, and players will be able to wallrun on them. There will be “zipvines” that are the arboreal version of ziplines, and you’ll be able to have very unpredictable parkour patterns.

Another map is “Runoff” with a lot of pipes and water, and then a third map called “Wargames” based on the training simulator at the beginning of the game. It looks kind of Tron-like.

The new maps won’t have a campaign narrative, but they’ll still include some of the cinematic elements.

In addition to the paid DLC, new modes will be released for free. An example is a new 2 vs 2 version of Last Titan Standing called “Wingman LTS.” New burn cards will also be implemented. The free content is going to be decoupled from the DLC, and will be released independently at a different pace.

The team is also working on other things like a spectator mode to be able to watch matches. Another feature in the works is the ability to choose a hashtag shared on social media and websites in order to end up in the same matches with people that share your interests.

Respawn is also looking into adding more stat tracking for competitive gameoplay, additional daily challenges, and the ability to add your personal markings and decals on your titans.

In addition to that, the team is planning to implement “variants” of modes for a couple weeks, and if the players like them they can become permanent.

According to what was shared during the panel, Respawn is planning to support the game for a long time, so Titanfall players can expect fresh content for a while.

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