Titanfall: Frontline Mobile Game Cancelled; Developers Will Refine Concepts “in Future Titanfall Mobile Games”

The upcoming mobile iteration of the popular first-person shooter has officially been cancelled, according to developer Particle City.

on January 16, 2017 12:32 PM

Last year, Titanfall 2 brought the series into some exciting new directions thanks to the addition of a single-player campaign and plenty of refinements to its multiplayer, while the upcoming side experience Titanfall: Frontline for iOS and Android has unfortunately been cancelled, according to the development team.

In a post on the game’s official Facebook page, developers Particle City confirmed that Titanfall: Frontline – a mobile card game adaptation of the Titanfall series – has been canceled following the team’s statement that the title “wasn’t ready to deliver the intense action-packed gameplay synonymous with Titanfall.”

Titanfall: Frontline was available in a closed beta for iOS and Android users while in the midst of development. However, the recent statement from Particle City suggests that, ultimately, the title didn’t live up to expectations of the original series, with the game’s servers being taken offline on January 20th, 2017.

Despite the game’s cancellation, Particle City explained that “we’ve learned an incredible amount in the beta test of Titanfall: Frontline,” adding that the team is “excited to take some of the concepts we saw resonate with players and build off of them in future Titanfall mobile games.”

Aside from Titanfall: Frontline, the most recent experience that players can enjoy from the series is last October’s Titanfall 2, which brought the series across PS4, Xbox One, and PC at launch and received positive critical reception, including the review from our own Giuseppe Nelva of the title, which received a score of 9.0.

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