Titanfall is Only on Xbox One and PC due to Power of the Cloud, Good Relationship With Microsoft

Titanfall is Only on Xbox One and PC due to Power of the Cloud, Good Relationship With Microsoft

If you wondered why Titanfall is (at least for now) exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, Infinity Ward’s co-founder Vince Zampella has the answer, as he clarified yesterday as part of an interview on IGN.

First of all, the studio seems to have an hoops-free relationship with Microsoft, that facilitated the delivery of the devkits:

The day we announced the studio, an hour later I’m on the phone with our Microsoft rep. ‘We have dev kits. Tell us where to send them.’ There were no hoops to jump through…that’s just the relationship we have.

Of course that’s not all, and Respawn started working on the game without any exclusivity in mind. Things changed when they realized the potential of the cloud feature brought by Windows 8 and Xbox One.

 It allowed us to think of the game a little differently. That was the perfect solution.

Looks like Respawn has something similar to Forza Motorsport 5‘s Driveatar in mind, in get the AI to behave in a more “human” and natural way.

Of course, considering the fact that Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida already confirmed that the PS4 has the same cloud-based capabilities, this begs the question on how long Titanfall will actually remain exclusive. It also makes me wonder on how the game will play on Xbox 360, that doesn’t sport the same feature.

Personally, PC will remain my platform of choice for this game, considering that the precision delivered by mouse and keyboard easily wins me over, even if Zampella seems to think of it as an obstacle to the possibility of implementing cross-platform gameplay.

What about you? On what platform are you going to play?

Update: looking at the comments, some thought that Titanfall could be a Windows 8 Exclusive. As predicted, this is not the case, as confirmed straight from the lion’s mouth on Twitter.