Titanfall’s Microsoft Exclusivity Deal: Insiders Clash on Whether The Game Can be Brought to PS4

Titanfall’s Microsoft Exclusivity Deal: Insiders Clash on Whether The Game Can be Brought to PS4

Titanfall has been a quite polarizing topic as of late, polarizing enough to put even industry insiders on opposed fronts. Earlier today Ahsan Rasheed, AKA Thuway, mentioned that the “rumor around the block” is that Sony is trying hard to bring Titanfall to PlayStation platforms, while Microsoft is attempting to secure the game completely. He also encouraged fans to “make noise” to support the switch.

Another industry insider, Pete Dodd, also known as Famousmortimer, directly denied what the other said about the possibility of a PlayStation port:

Guys, Microsoft bought exclusivity for titanfall 1. Tweeting at Sony or zampella won’t change that fact. It’s a done deal.

If you want to play titanfall one you need a 360, xb1, or a capable pc. If you only own a ps4, you are sh*t out of luck until Titanfall 2.

I have no idea why @thuway is trying to make people think otherwise.

Titanfall isn’t coming to the ps4. It sucks but it’s a fact. Titanfall 2 will.

Dodd continued by saying clearly that Thuway is wrong, and explained that if they Electronic Arts and Respawn could go back in time, Titanfall would probably be a multiplatform game, but the deal was signed back in 2012 when there were major doubts in the industry on the possibilities of the PS4 to be successful. Sony was taking feedback from developers, but wasn’t revealing its hand, meaning that before the unveiling of the console most publishers thought Xbox One the future winner of the generation.

He also added that Titanfall 2 will probably be multiplatform, since there are no deals signed for a sequel, unless co-founder Vince Zampella decides to retire and cash out. The IP is owned by Respawn itself, that let Electronic Arts handle it in order to be able to start small and focus entirely on making the studio’s first game. This brought to the deal with Microsoft, that was initially only one year long.

According to Dodd, Zampella wasn’t too happy when Electronic Arts signed for a final exclusivity deal with Microsoft, and it’s safe to assume that he won’t allow the same to happen for any sequel, but things are completely sealed for the first game of the IP.

Rasheed later mentioned that a developer told him that the game on PS4 would run with better performance, though admitting that this doesn’t mean that a port will happen, but that’s the situation we’d see if it were to materialize.

Developer not at Respawn: “TitanFall on PS4 can easily run at 1080p 60fps+. Expect a port situation similar to Ghosts.” That’s it for me.

Minutes afterwards he specified that with his last tweet he was talking about Titanfall 2 and forward, and he’s “nowhere implying” that the game is coming to PS4.

Personally, I’m definitely inclined to believe Dodd’s position here.

As much as a multiplatform Titanfall would probably benefit Respawn and the IP, the deal has been signed and announced without leaving room to doubts even during quarterly reports to investors. That’s an environment where half truths or incorrect reporting can definitely lead to severe consequences, even on the legal level. The fact that they talked so openly about the exclusivity deal leaves little room for doubts.