Titanfall on Xbox 360 Runs at 46FPS

on April 8, 2014 7:51 PM

Well, that’s a pleasant surprise. The guys over at Digital Foundry examine Titanfall on the Xbox 360 and give us the skinny on the visuals.

Titanfallon Xbox 360 averages of 46 fps according to Digital Foundry’s video. You should note you get some pretty nasty screen tearing on some parts. Players have the option of locking the frame rate at 30 if they want a more consistent look. Obviously some of the textures look a little rough compared to the Xbox One version but, as long as it runs smooth it really doesn’t matter. You should also note that the 360 version is running at 600p.

Honestly, this is pretty impressive considering that the Xbox 360 only has a fraction of the memory of its current-gen counterpart. Looks like Bluepoint Games did a fairly decent job porting Titanfall over.

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