A Titanfall One Hacker is Stopping Players From Finishing Games

Titanfall players have not been able to finish online multiplayer matches due to an alleged hacker spoiling the fun for everyone.

The original Titanfall has been out for quite some time now, yet, there is still a small player base who are still playing in online multiplayer matches. In fact, there are only about 45 players left playing on PC according to this tracking site at the time of writing this. However, there seems to be one hacker who is running a script that kicks players back to their desktop, not allowing them to finish their matches.

According to PC GamesN, the original issue was brought up on Reddit by u/TheLPMaster, stating that they would receive the same message (“Too many proxies for datatable”) whenever they were in a lobby. The thread then jumped over to ResetEra and users came to the conclusion that there is just one person out there who loves to spoil the fun for others.

This alleged hacker also has his own thread on EA’s forums. On top of that, there are other threads about “countless speed hackers.” While users are making an argument for a Titanfall hacking epidemic, this anticheat community site suggests that hackers are changing names to make the problem seem like a wider issue that it really is.

Even though the player base in incredibly small, it is still disheartening to see players not get the experience they would like because of one terrible person out there. PC GamerN reached out for a comment from EA but have not gotten a response back. I am sure they are not that worried about such a small player base this is compared to the newly released Apex Legends.

If you would like to see the issue in action, you can take a look at the video below from Nikus on YouTube:

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