Titanfall: Single Player Was Prototyped, Higher Resolution on Xbox One “Maybe Never;” More Info Shared

Titanfall: Single Player Was Prototyped, Higher Resolution on Xbox One “Maybe Never;” More Info Shared

Titanfall Producer Drew McCoy was stuck on a plane today, and he took the chance to respond to quite a few questions from the fans about the game on Twitter, giving some very interesting answers about the game’s past and future.

First of all, he mentioned that in the earlier stages of development some single player gameplay was prototyped, but it ultimately did not make the cut:

We prototyped a lot of things before settling on what you know as Titanfall. Some was SP focused. Our hearts led us to MP.

Speaking about things that did not make it into the final game, he described a quite interesting, but probably overpowered rifle:

There was a rifle, variant of the Hemlok actually, that shot 3 rounds per shot. Not burst, actual multi-round shots. Talk about OP!

McCoy was also asked when the Xbox One version will be patched to a higher resolution, but his answer wasn’t exactly encouraging for pixel counters.

Maybe never. Working on improving performance alongside. We’ll see how it goes…

 Yet, he didn’t exclude the possibility, explaining that resolution and framerate aren’t mutually exclusive, but priorities are elsewhere (Update: Lead Engineer Richard Baker went a lot more in detail about this, you can read it here):

The 2 arent always mutually exclusive. Top priorities for lots of us right now are improved performance and stability.

Looking at the future, there are “lots of plans” for new game modes:

Lots of plans, but really been waiting to get feedback from players before solidifying any plans…

We also get a bit more information on some improvements we can expect in future patches:

Tweaking + adjusting matchmaking and lobbies is an ongoing effort. We’re getting tons of great data on the backend to improve it!

Yeah, we’ve been getting reports of chat issues. Looking in to them for fixing in future patch.

McCoy also added that highlighting the names of players in your party with a different color is in the list of improvements for a future patch, and camos for weapons and titans are being considered but he “wouldn’t hold his breath” for it.

Finally, he expressed full confidence in the team working on the Xbox 360 port:

Of course I have. Its a proper Titanfall port. Bluepoint are awesome devs, full faith in them to make the best port possible.

Are you having fun dropping titans on squishy pilots? I know I had to pull out the spiked club to make sure that people here at DualShockers didn’t catch the dreaded Titanflu. It’s a very effective vaccine.

What about you? Did you tell your boss that you’re stuck in bed?