Titanfall’s Game Director Outlines the Game’s Future Update Plans

on April 15, 2014 6:56 PM

Now that Titanfall is out in the wild the Respawn Entertainment team has gone from a cycle of development to one of support. Today on the game’s official site, Game Director┬áSteve Fukuda went into detail about future updates for the title.

The updates will come in four varieties. The first involves “weeding out the garden.” This means fixing bugs and glitches, weapon tweaks, matchmaking, challenges and so on. This part involves the overall health of the core game.

The second is about “convenience features.” This is basically to make doing things in the game easier. For example, the Party Colors features lets players be able to more easily identify their teammates both in game and in the lobby. Future updates of this kind will have the ability to rename your custom loadouts to each specific game mode, a way to filter challenges by criteria and displaying the final scoreboard in the Last Game Summary.

The third involves “infrastructural features.” This means getting new features in beta form early so that they can be tested out thoroughly before being released.

The last part involves tangible stuff like new a new Burn Card and Titan “Nose Art” which are insignias that can be used to customize your Titan. There will also be new game modes and game mode variants.

The team plans to listen to player feedback and, although not all suggestions will be implemented, they will listen to everything. They plan to post more updates as far as news goes and actual in-game updates from now on.

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