Titanfall’s Xbox One Textures Improved from Alpha to Beta: Respawn Vindicated

on February 14, 2014 6:58 AM

When the first images of the alpha of Respawn’s Titanfall were released around the net a big scandal exploded due to the low resolution of the game’s textures. Respawn repesentatives mentioned that the Xbox One textures of the alpha weren’t final, but “insiders” retorted by saying that according to their sources they were indeed final.

Respawn Entertainment maintained its position, also going on record saying that they had nothing to gain from lying. Apparently, they were right, as a comparison between direct feed screenshots of the alpha and the beta does indeed show a degree or improvement in the definition of at least part of the texture set.

Below you can see a comparison between direct feed screenshots of the Xbox One Alpha, the beta, and the PC Beta with the “High” resolution setting, that appears to be equivalent to the Xbox One alpha. The PC screenshots were taken with a screen resolution as similar as the native resolution of the Xbox One as possible.

The best area to observe in order to compare the textiures is the yellow and black striped area indicated by the arrows on the weapon. The definition on the Xbox One Beta is evidently higher than what we saw in Alpha or on the PC version with textures set only to “high” (of course you should click on each picture to enlarge it). The same can be seen across the whole body of the weapon, which is the same for all three pictures.

XboxOneAlpha01 XboxOneBeta01 PCBetaHigh01

As further evidence, you can observe the pictures below. They compare the Xbox One Alpha and Beta with the PC version with textures on “high” and “insane.” Again, check out the area indicated by the arrows, and you’ll notice that the resolution of the Xbox One Beta’s textures is evidently better than the PC version on “high,” and similar to the PC version on “insane.”

Unfortunately we couldn’t find a picture of the Xbox One alpha with the soldier turned the same way, but we can compare the player’s hand holding the gun, which is also clear evidence.

XboxOneAlpha02XboxOneBeta02PCBetaHigh02 PCBetaInsane02

The obvious conclusion is that Respawn Entertainment’s claims have been vindicated, and the textures of the Xbox One alpha weren’t indeed final.

As a matter of fact, we don’t even know if the textures of the beta are final yet, but the improvement, at least on part of the texture set, is very visible.

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