Titanic: Honor and Glory Gets New Screenshot; Phase 3 Funding Starting February 20th

on February 14, 2015 10:39 AM

Remember the CryEngine powered Titanic game that was announced to be in development all those months ago? Chances are that it has been pushed out of your mind by the likes of bigger games with bigger budgets.

That’s OK though. Whilst we strive to push out the latest updates on the industries biggest games, it’s still worth letting the readers know about other projects that are of significance.

Titanic: Hope and Glory is one of them. Originally designed using the CryEngine, the team recently moved over to Unreal Engine 4 in order to better re-create the tragic tale of the doomed Titanic.

The team at Four Funnels Entertainment recently posted on Facebook a brand new screenshot from an upcoming walk-through video the team will be releasing soon. Check it out down below.

titanic honor and glory

Phase three of funding is also set to begin on February 20th, so if you have an interest in Titanic: Honor and Glory, be on the lookout around these parts for updates.

I was schooled in the UK, so from an early age the Titanic story was often the topic of history assignments, most of which I failed miserably. Maybe Titanic: Honor and Glory will captivate this authors imagination more than the dull presentations of Mrs. Williams ever could?

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