Modeling of Titanic’s Hull Featured in New Titanic: Honor and Glory Video

Modeling of Titanic’s Hull Featured in New Titanic: Honor and Glory Video

Kyle Hudak, the game's exterior modeler, describes the painstaking amount of detail that is being put into the Titanic's hull.

Vintage Digital Revival has posted several videos about their upcoming game Titanic: Honor and Glory during the past few days surrounding the anniversary of the ship’s tragic sinking on April 14th, 1912.  On Friday, Kyle Hudak, the game’s exterior modeler, described the modeling of Titanic’s hull.

For those unaware, the developers of Titanic: Honor and Glory are going into an insane amount of detail to ensure that everything about this game is completely historically accurate.  The hull is no exception. Hudak describes the painstaking process of animating something so vast and shows the ship in various states of completion. He says that the hull is currently 90% complete at the time of the video, but the shots shown already look stunning. For those interested in the process of animation for games, this is definitely a video to check out.

Two years ago, Vintage Digital Revival released an animation of the Titanic sinking in real time, and yesterday they posted another video updating players on the developer’s progress on the final animation of the infamous disaster that will be seen in the final game.

Titanic: Honor and Glory is currently in development and does not have a release date yet. You can check out the video going behind-the-scenes of the modeling of the ship’s hull below: