Toby Fox Says Deltarune is Not a Sequel to Undertale and It Will Take Years to Make

Toby Fox Says Deltarune is Not a Sequel to Undertale and It Will Take Years to Make

Toby Fox predicts and answers the Undertale community's burning questions about the demo for Deltarune.

Last night, Toby Fox put up a post on TwitLonger attempting to answer questions he predicted the community would have about his newly released demo, Deltarune. There are 12 questions Fox goes into throughout the post ranging from the updated combat system to the game’s place in the Undertale’s world.

Right off the bat, Fox states that Deltarune is not a sequel to Undertale. Deltarune is a different world where a new story will take place. He also clarifies that the story players created in Undertale will remain the way that they left it. Fox’s full statement about the sequel status of Deltarune follows:

“Please don’t worry too much about that.
Actually, I’m worried if people worry too much about “what it is,” they might not be able to properly enjoy it… (laugh)”

I will say that basically, what you’re seeing here is not the world of UNDERTALE.
UNDERTALE’s world and ending are the same as however you left them.
If everyone was happy in your ending, the people in the UNDERTALE world will still be happy.
So, please don’t worry about those characters, and that world. It will remain untouched.

To rephrase that, DELTARUNE’s world is a different one.
With different characters, that have lived different lives.
A whole new story will happen…

I don’t know what you call this kind of game.

It’s just a game you can play after you complete UNDERTALE, if you want to.

That’s all.”

The next question dove into when the next chapter would be released. Fox said that it took years to make the demo alone. Deltarune is more difficult to make due to the graphics being more complicated, multiple characters populating the battle system and overworld, personal commitments and issues outside of development.

“Essentially it’s not possible to make this game as one person (and Temmie). However, it MIGHT be possible to create the game if I’m able to make a team. So I’m going to try making a team. Because I really want to make this. But I may not be able to succeed because I have no experience successfully directing a team and I have no idea who I’m going to work with,” Fox said.

No team has been created yet, but an outline plan for a release is in place. All the chapters will release at once, for one price, with no pre-orders. Other than that, Fox has no idea when Deltarune may be completed, if at all.

Deltarune will also have one ending. No matter the players’ actions, the ending will be the same. This is quite a contrast from the distinct split Undertale is known for with its pacifist and genocide runs. There will be no Kickstarter for the game, but the music from the demo, all 40 songs, has been released on Fox’s Bandcamp page.

Deltarune appears to be much further off than players hoped. Until the far-off day when Deltarune is (hopefully) released, you may play the demo for free on PC and Mac by downloading it here.