Today Japan Gets Final Fantasy XIII-2; The Rest of Us Get Screenshots

on December 15, 2011 9:45 AM

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has made its debut in Japan. The rest of the world, however, must be content with these screenshots and trailer while we sit on our hands for the next month and a half. Sigh.

The trailer features the new monster capturing  and combat system, a mechanic never before used in the Final Fantasy series. Just like the humanoid members of your party, these monsters can be leveled and beefed up to suit your needs in battle as well as assigned specific paradigm roles. Supposedly there are more than 150 monsters to collect, so if monster-training is your thing and you want to be the best like no one ever was, keep your eyes peeled in-game for capture opportunities.

The new set of screenshots features more close-ups of priestess Yeul, and the environments of Oerba, the Vile Peaks, and the Archylte Steppe – whether in the past, present, or future of Serah and friends’ timeline is uncertain as of now. Making a guest appearance is our good pal the Gigantuar and a very robust dude grilling the player on minutia. Rumor has it this guy’s name is Dadebea, and if you answer all of his questions correctly you’ll score some awesome in-game swag.

Final Fantasy XIII-2  will release for the PlayStation3 and Xbox360 on January 31 in North America and February 3 in Europe.  Stay away from those lucky ducks in Japan if you don’t want any spoilers. Check out the trailer and screenies after the cut.

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