Grand Theft Auto Inspired Tokyo 42 Gets New Video Showcasing Different Mission Approach Styles

Grand Theft Auto Inspired Tokyo 42 Gets New Video Showcasing Different Mission Approach Styles

Last year, publisher Mode 7 and developer Smac Games unveiled their self-described “lovechild” of Syndicate and Grand Theft Auto isometric action game, Tokyo 42, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

For those that don’t know, Tokyo 42 is self-described as an “action game to its core,” where every bullet and grenade has a fully rendered physics system behind it that forces players to cleverly weave and dodge their way through times of combat. You’ll have a variety of weapons to choose from, such as pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, katanas, and many more.

The game boasts a significant open world single player mode, that comes with a complete story — as well as a slab of side-quests. In the story, you play as a character that has been thrusted into a cutthroat world of assassins, and an “intensely condensed future Tokyo.” The full explorable open world also comes with many secret areas for you to discover, some of which are only accessible via manipulation of the game’s camera. As you play through the game and take on missions from terminals and handlers, you will build up your funds and underworld reputation.

Being largely an assassin game, stealth is important to a varying degree depending on a player’s playstyle. Examples of stealth include having to sneak into gang strongholds, run and leap on rooftops to escape or avoid detection, or snipe enemies from atop a building from afar, or even in midair if you’re good enough.  Further, you can also change the skin color of your character to blend in better with crowds, which comes in handy when sneaking around, or when you need to shake of an enemy assassin that has been sent to kill you.

Lastly, the game has a multiplayer arena mode, where you and your opponent will spawn into a small area (blind to each other’s spawn points), and from there you will be tasked with eliminating your opponent before they eliminate you.

But that’s enough of an overview, as mentioned above a new video has also been released. The new video showcases one of the game’s missions: Twin Punks. In this mission, you must infiltrate a gang’s stronghold and eliminate their leader. Because the video is focused around mission approach variety, it obviously shows off the different ways in which you can take this mission on.

The first approach style shown is stealth. With this style we see the developer — who is the one playing the game — running around and getting close enough to enemies to melee them, all while avoiding detection.

While doing this, we get to see a bit of the game’s AI, and how they are programmed to walk and act in certain patterns and functions. Further, about a minute into the video the developer gets spotted and his stealth approach is blown, from here we get to see how quickly a mission can turn on its head and how ruthless the AI can be if you mess up.

The video then previews the mission via a more aggressive, run-and-gun approach. At this point we get to see how the gameplay quickly morphs into a bullet hell-like game, however, unless you’re “very good” at this type of gameplay it will be difficult to just take on large waves of enemies head on.

We also learn that the game has a checkpoint system, which only can be activated (in similar fashion to GTA) when you shake off the enemy. We also get to see the game’s binocular mechanic, which simply allows you to look around the map with a more loose camera to spot where enemies are.

And that about wraps up all the new information that can be divulged/seen from the the video. If you want, you can check it for yourself below.

Tokyo 42 is slated to release sometime in early 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.