Tokyo 42 Gets New Video Showing What Happens When You Break the Law

Tokyo 42 Gets New Video Showing What Happens When You Break the Law

Today, developer Smac Games and publisher released a new gameplay video for their upcoming isometric action game, Tokyo 42, that shows what happens when you break the law in the game.

The video begins by showcasing the murder of a bunch of citizens in the game, which then triggers Level 1 of what is called the “Cop Drop.” Like you would see in a GTA game, the Cop Drop simply refers to Cops showing up on the scene after a crime such as murdering a bunch of citizens. The first Cop Drop triggered by such an act only results in the above mentioned level one, which only features two cops who will chase after you with pistols.

But from there one, with Cop Drop Level 2, things begin to get a bit more complicated. The key to dealing and triggering Cop Drops is making sure you’re in a space with a decent amount of cover, and a place that you can move around with freedom. As you would expect, the higher the Cop Drop Level, the harder it is.

Once you reach Level 3, a new unit will appear that features a riot shield that bounces back all bullets shot out at. Level 4 adds a yellow robot called a “Logic Mini,” who gets close to the player before unleashing an arc of bullets. Meanwhile Level 5 includes 2 Logic Minis, as well as like all the other increases in levels, more cops.

It’s currently unclear if Level 5 is the highest level in Cop Drop, or if there is more.

Tokyo 42 is scheduled to release sometime in early 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Below, you can check out the new video: