Tokyo 42 Out Today on Xbox One and PC; Launch Trailer Released

Tokyo 42 Out Today on Xbox One and PC; Launch Trailer Released

Grand Theft Auto and Syndicate love-baby, Tokyo 42, from developer Smac Games and publisher Mode 7, launches today on Xbox One and PC alongside an official launch trailer.

Today, self described love-child between Grand Theft Auto and Syndicate, Tokyo 42, from publisher Mode 7 and developer Smac Games launches onto Xbox One and PC accompanied by an official launch trailer.

As you may know, Smac Games’ debut title is also in development for PS4, where it is scheduled to ship sometime in mid-July. Why the PS4 version has been delayed apart from the game’s other platforms: is still unknown.

First time hearing about Tokyo 42 (shame on you): no problem, I got you covered. According to Smac Games, Tokyo 42 is an action game at its core where every bullet has a fully rendered physics system behind it that forces the players to weave and dodge their way through combat at times: in a way that is similar to bullet-hell games. Imagine top-down Grand Theft Auto meets bullet-hell.

In the game you have a variety of weapons to choose from, including pistols, sniper rifles, katanas, and many more. Further, the game is said to posses an open world single player mode that packs a complete story and a healthy amount of side-quests. In it, you play as a character who has been thrusted into a cutthroat world of assassins, gangs, and corporations after being framed for murder you didn’t commit. The fully explorable open world take place across a highly stylistic and condensed futuristic version of Tokyo that has many secrets areas to cover, which will only be discoverable through manipulation of the game’s in-game camera.

As you would expect with a game with assassin’s in it: stealth is crucial — to a varying degree (dependent on the player’s playstyle) — to success. In addition to sneaking into gang strongholds, leaping over rooftops, and sniping enemies from a distance, you can also change the color of your skin whenever you want to blend into crowds: good for shaking enemies (such as an enemy assassin sent for you) or for sneaking around.

Alongside the game’s singleplayer mode is a multiplayer arena mode where you and your opponent spawn into a small area (blind to each other’s spawn points), and from there are tasked with eliminating each other.

If you want: you can read and watch more about the game’s different playstyles here; learn more about its designs, influences, and ambitions here; and learn more about its GTA-like cop/law system here.

Or you could skip all of that reading and just watch the new official launch trailer below: