CLAMP Legendary Manga Tokyo Babylon Gets TV Anime In 2021

CLAMP Legendary Manga Tokyo Babylon Gets TV Anime In 2021

Tokyo Babylon, the prequel of X by CLAMP, will receive its first TV anime adaptation in 2021. Animation studio is GoHands. Trailer inside.

It was revealed on October 25 (October 26 in Japan) that CLAMP’s legendary manga Tokyo Babylon will receive a TV anime adaptation in 2021, titled Tokyo Babylon 2021. The animation studio will be GoHands, who most notably handled the K series or the Mardock Scramble movies. A website was opened for the Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime. A twitter account was opened as well.

The original Tokyo Babylon manga by CLAMP was published from 1990 to 1993 and has sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Tokyo Babylon already received a two parts OVA adaptation, titled Tokyo babylon A Save For Tokyo City Story. The first OVA released in 1992, and the second one in 1994.

Tokyo Babylon follows main character Subaru Sumeragi, an Onmyouji who solves occult cases in Tokyo, exorcising ghosts. Subaru is accompanied by his twin sister Hokuto Sumeragi, and the mysterious veterinarian Seishirou Sakurazuka. Tokyo Babylon is also linked to X by CLAMP, with Subaru appearing in X. It’s best not to consider X as a “real” sequel to Tokyo Babylon though. And in general with Japanese media it’s best not to worry about what is “canon” and what isn’t.

Tokyo Babylon 2021 Reveal Trailer

Not that the trailer is voiceless, and the cast of seiyuu wasn’t revealed yet. While we have a name for the animation studio, GoHands, we don’t know yet the names of the core staff. The anime’s Director, Scriptwriters, Series Composers, Music Composer, etc, were not revealed yet.

It’s also important to note the announcement of the Tokyo Babylon 2021 anime was teased via a countdown on the CLAMP Fans official Twitter, starting October 19:

A Twitter RT campaign is also ongoing, with 30 people being able to win the key visual illustration signed by CLAMP:

Additional details will be coming at a later date and this is hype as hell. Another last fun thing to note is that “Xの続き” has been trending on JP Twitter with people hoping that a Tokyo Babylon TV anime means CLAMP might finally finish X.