PS Vita Exclusive Tokyo Clanpool Gets First Battle System Details

on July 7, 2017 2:46 AM

Compile Heart updated the official website for their RPG Tokyo Clanpool, coming to PlayStation Vita on October 5 in Japan.

The update focuses on the Tokyo Clanpool’s battle system which looks similar to other dungeon crawlers, but has some unique mechanics.

Players will spend “Ether Points” to utilize their skills, after each skill player’s EP will be consumed. The entire EP bar doesn’t have to completely used every turn. Instead, players can save it to unleash a more powerful attack later on in the battle.

During battle, players will often attack with each other to unleash a chibi style combo. Although they are adorable, these attacks are significantly more powerful than a normal attack.

Additionally, players will be able to synchronize with a “Gadgeteer” that they have equipped. Gadgeteers hold special skills that become stronger over time. When synchronizing, players will enter “Holy Manifestation Mode”, which increases the character’s stats as well as powers up their Gadgeteer.

Currently, there is no word of Tokyo Clanpool receiving a western release.

You can check out the battle screenshots below:

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