Tokyo Revengers Anime Guide Book Explained, Price & How to Buy

Everything you should know about the Tokyo Revengers TV Anime Guide Book

January 16, 2022

Tokyo Revengers just got an official TV anime guidebook in Japan, here’s what it’s all about.

What’s the Tokyo Revengers official guide book?

The Tokyo Revengers guide book includes character design drafts, storyboards, character profiles, and other exclusive materials used in the production of the anime.

The guide book most notably includes a roundtable interview with director Koichi Hatsumi, producer Kousuke Yokota, and the seiyuu of Takashi Mitsuya and Chifuyu Matsuno: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Sho Karino.

Their discussion goes through all 24 episodes of the TV series, looking back on the various hurdles they faced and sharing several production stories. Furthermore, this is an improved version of the previously released guidebook, which only focused on the first 13 episodes. This one has additional illustrations and materials for episodes 14 to 24, with 53 additional pages.

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Tokyo Revengers Anime Guide Book price and how to buy

Kodansha has launched the Tokyo Revengers TV Anime Official Guidebook Definitive Edition in Japan on January 17. The book is sold for 880 yen (tax included). There is an ebook version you could grab.

This makes importing much easier as you don’t have to worry about shipping. There’s a Kindle version on Amazon, and an Ebook version on Book Walker. I recommend the Book Walker version as it’s likely Amazon Kindle will be region locked in your country unless you have a Japanese Amazon account.

Pretty much every anime series gets at least one official guidebook like this in Japan. Sadly, these kinds of books rarely ever get localized. It’s a very similar situation to anthology comic books. The one thing you can hope for is for fans to translate it, if even partially. I wouldn’t be surprised if bits of the interview got translated on social media at least.

Is Tokyo Revengers Season 2 confirmed?

Seeing how popular worldwide the Tokyo Revengers manga is now, especially thanks to its anime adaptation, a second season was announced in late 2021, Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown. However, it has no release date yet.

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