Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Spoilers & Release Date Explained

We can finally see Mikey in action.

May 9, 2022

Tokyo Revengers fans are eagerly waiting for the official release of Chapter 252. Well, after a long break, the next manga chapter is finally close to its official release.

Things are finally getting interesting in Tokyo Revengers as the manga has entered its final arc. We don’t know how many more chapters it will take for the author to complete the story, but with each chapter, we can feel that the end is close. Several character story arcs are coming to a close, but Mikey and Takemichi have yet to face each other in this battle.

The previous chapter showed that Koko had switched sides, and he decided to help Inupi against Benkei and Wakasa. On the other hand, Mitsuya, Hakkai, Chifuyu, and Akkun are challenged by Hanma after Mikey asks him to take care of the situation. At the same time, we see Pahchin getting close to Mikey to fight him. Fans already know about the childhood connection between Pahchin and Mikey, so watching them fight would be heartbreaking and exciting at the same time.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter Release Date

Chapter 252 of Tokyo Revengers will be released worldwide on Wednesday, May 11th, 2022, in Japan. However, the release date would be Tuesday, May 10th, 2022, for several international fans because of the time difference.

Readers in Japan can read new chapters of Tokyo Revengers in new issues of Weekly Shonen Magazine. The international community, however, can check several online sources to own the manga volumes through Kodansha’s official website.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 252 Spoilers

According to some leaks on the internet, Chapter 252 of Tokyo Revengers will start with the defeat of Hakkai and Akkun. After dominating them, Hanma will move forward to challenge Mitsuya and Chifuyu. Koko, on the other hand, will accept that he still could not stop thinking about Akane. He says that after Akane’s death, he got obsessed with money, and it was his way of dealing with the trauma. Koko then says that for now, he will forget about Akane to focus on the fight that’s important.

Finally, the chapter puts the focus back on Pah and Mikey’s confrontation. Pah says that he was so happy when Mikey asked him to join Toman. He never understood what Mikey wanted, but Pah still followed him because he wanted Mikey to be happy. After that, Pah asks Mikey if he is happy right now.

At this moment, Mikey takes his jacket off and gets serious in the fight. Pah can be seen crying, but Mikey relentlessly beats Pah and renders him unconscious on the ground.

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