Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 Spoilers Tease Kakucho's Demise

Chapter 258 of Tokyo Revengers introduces a new mysterious member of Toman.

June 20, 2022

Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers has entered its final saga, so it’s no surprise that several character arcs are coming to a close. In the recent chapters, we’ve seen Takemichi forming a team of his own to stand up against Mikey’s Toman gang. The second generation of Toman is outnumbered, but every member of the gang is standing strong because of Takemichi’s sheer will.

Currently, Takemichi is fighting Sanzu, who wants to kill everyone to impress Mikey. However, Kakucho, who was in Mikey’s gang, joins Takemichi to stop Sanzu’s reckless plan. On top of that, Takemichi learns that Sanzu somehow is aware of the time leapers. So, there’s a chance that he also knows the identity of the second time traveller.


Anyway, in the previous chapter, Kakucho pushes Takemichi out of the train to save his friend’s life. He was ready to give up without stopping the train, but thanks to Izana, Kakucho found the motivation to complete his mission. Finally, Kakucho stops the train, and Takemichi gets inside the compartment to celebrate their small victory. However, according to some early spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258, Kakucho will be found dead by Takemichi. Apparently, Kakucho’s injury from Sanzu’s sword was severe, and it led to his death right after he helped Takemichi. So, Kakucho’s dark fate has been confirmed in the latest chapter on Tokyo Revengers.

Meanwhile, Mikey has won the fight against Angry, and he looks at the entire thing with disappointment. However, it’s unclear what the leader of the Toman gang is thinking at this point. Takemichi looks at Kakucho lying on the ground, and he tries to get closer to his friend’s body. Sanzu wants to take advantage of the situation, so he tries to stab Takemichi from behind. Mitsuya shouts to warn Takemichi, and that’s when a mysterious figure appears wearing the Toman jacket. This character hits Sanzu with a bike and saves Takemichi.

It’s hard to predict the identity of this new Toman member, but several fans think that it’s either Kazutora Hanemiya or Taiju Shiba. Hopefully, we’ll get that answer when the official chapter drops this Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022. You can track Chapter 258 of Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers series on Kodansha’s official website.

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