Tokyo Revengers Episode 17: Release Date, Time, Recap, and Preview

Everything we know about the upcoming episode.

By Shivam Gulati

July 30, 2021

Tokyo Revengers fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Episode 17; well, here’s everything we know about the upcoming episode’s release schedule.

The entire anime community is gushing over the brilliance of Tokyo Revengers. The anime adaptation is based on a manga series of the same name. It follows the journey of Takemichi, who wants to save his girlfriend from getting killed by a powerful gang.

As expected, everyone loved the previous episode of the anime, and now, fans want to see what events will unfold in Episode 17.

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Tokyo Revengers | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Tokyo Revengers | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Tokyo Revengers Episode 16 Recap

The previous Tokyo Revengers episode, “Once Upon a Time.” took us two years into the past. Baji shares an incident about Mikey’s confrontation with a biker gang, who wanted to destroy the president’s bike, “Hawk Maru.”

However, Mikey asks the gang members to back off and threatens to kill every one of them if they touch his bike. As expected, the biker gang leaves, saying that they’ll crush everyone the next time.

After a while, Mikey’s bike runs out of gas, and after losing a round of Rock-paper-scissors, Toman has to take the bike to a gas station.

Shockingly, the same biker gang spots Toman and tries to burn down Mikey’s bike, but Tomen protects the bike by putting himself forward. Then, Mikey shows up at the scene and gets furious at the gang members for beating up Keisuke. He kicks his own bike to show that he cares more about Keisuke and not the bike. After that, the two of them face the biker gang together.

On August August 13, 2003, Kazutora convinced Keisuke that they should steal a CB250T bike for Mikey. Keisuke is unsure at first, but Kazutora manages to convince him. However, things turn ugly when Kazutora ends up killing the bike owner, Shinichiro, who was, in fact, Mikey’s brother.

When Does Tokyo Revengers Episode 17 Come out?

Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 17 is scheduled to release on Saturday, July 31st, or Sunday, August 1st, depending on your region.

Crunchyroll is one of the best streaming platforms for you to watch the latest episodes of Tokyo Revengers. Fortunately, the streaming platforms offer both Japanese and English versions of the anime series.

Release Time

Tokyo Revengers episode 17 will release at 12 PM PDT (Pacific Timing) on Saturday, July 31st, 2021. But of course, the release timing of the episode will be different for your time zone. So, to clear up all the confusion and make it easier for you to track the upcoming episode, here is episode 16’s release time for different time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 12 PM PDT on Saturday, July 31st
  • Central Time: 2 PM CDT on Saturday, July 31st
  • Eastern Time: 3 PM EDT on Saturday, July 31st
  • British Time: 8 PM BST on Saturday, July 31st
  • European Time: 9 PM CEST on Saturday, July 31st
  • Australia Time: 4:30 AM ACST on Sunday, August 1st

Tokyo Revengers Episode 17 Preview

Interestingly, the next Tokyo Revengers episode will be titled “No Way,” and the preview images of the episode are also out for everyone to see.

Interestingly, the next episode will focus on Takemichi “being at a loss for not fulfilling his promise to Mikey.” According to episode 17’s synopsis, Chiyuki Matsuno, the vice-captain of the Ichiban Corps, will also appear underground. Finally, Sen winter will try to find out the valid reason for the place entering Bashura-haura.

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