A Goodbye Message from News Editor Tomas Franzese

A Goodbye Message from News Editor Tomas Franzese

Thank you for your support over the years!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that today is my last day at DualShockers. Almost four years ago, former News Editor Giuseppe Nelva gave me a chance and brought me on as a Staff Writer here at DualShockers. I’ve been able to hone my craft since then with the help of several great writers and editors like Logan Moore, Lou Contaldi, Ryan Meitzler, Tyler Fischer, and Azario Lopez.

During that time, I have also been able to do amazing things. I’ve covered three E3s and traveled everywhere from Seattle to Poland to check out the latest and greatest games. I played and reviewed hundreds of games that I both adore and hate for DualShockers, and have had the chance to interview industry legends like John Romero and David Cage. I even got followed by Bubsy!

I became News Editor in November 2018 and have helped steer DualShockers in a promising new direction where we cover all aspects of gaming culture in a more in-depth way. I’m proud of the work I’ve done as both a Staff Writer and News Editor, and will always cherish my time here.

I’m not leaving the industry though; in fact, I am very keen on making this my career. Starting tomorrow, you will be able to find me covering video game news over at Inverse. That being said, I would like to thank anyone who has read one of my articles on DualShockers since May 23, 2016, as well as the rest of DualShockers’ staff.

– Tomas Franzese