Tomb Raider Is Running on a Game Boy Advance With a Masterful Port

Yes! It is possible!

January 17, 2022

If you get back to 2001 and tell gamers that Tomb Raider would be running on Game Boy Advance in the future, they wouldn’t believe you, but it actually is possible!

Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance was released almost 7 years after Sony’s original PlayStation console. As a hand-held platform, Game Boy Advance was designed for games with simple visuals at the time.

Although the original Tomb Raider was launched back in 1996, it was like a dream for GBA players to run such a high-quality 3D game on their hand-held console back in the time.

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However, after almost two decades, it seems possible to play PS1’s Tomb Raider on Game Boy Advance, thanks to a fan-made port that took over a year to get finished.

This Port Brings Three Levels of PS1’s Tomb Raider on GBA

A modder called XProger has managed to run PS1’s Tomb Raider on Game Boy Advance after over one year of optimations, and he says he will improve this port even more until all missions and levels of Tomb Raider could be played on a 32 MB cartridge of Game Boy Advance.

As shown in the video above, the game runs pretty well on Game Boy Advance, though the frame rate might not be as good as the PS1 experience, it’s still playable in a good shape.

This version of the game is still the Alpha iteration of XProger’s efforts, and he has some more work to do to further optimize the game.

Prior to making this port, XProger developed an open-source port of the original Tomb Raider which makes it playable on a variety of older platforms such as the original Xbox and Nintendo 3DS. However, this Game Boy Advance port seems to be the toughest project due to the hardware limitations of the device.

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