Tomb Raider Legends: the Board Game Is Grappling for a February 2019 Release

From the creators of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game comes Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game, which is set to release in February 2019

on October 3, 2018 10:11 AM

Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and Hobby Japan Co. Ltd who specialize in roleplaying and tabletop games has announced a new Tomb Raider board game adventure, where this time you take Lara across the board in search of a hidden artifact. Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game allows the player to explore ruins and see off threats while using their wits, arsenal, and skills.

Previously, Square Enix and Hobby Japan Co. Ltd came together first in Japan in 2012 and then 2016 in English to release the Final Fantasy trading card game, selling 5.5 million packs worldwide as of last year and producing its very own special North American championship tournament.

In Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game you get to experience it with three to four other players, which is great for a games night with some friends, although it will remain to be seen if you’re all friends by the end! Given that its designed with a modular board, there are countless ways to gain an advantage.

Tomb Raider Legends: The Board Game is available now to pre-order via the Square Enix Store with a price of £49.99/$65.00

Although an exact date has yet to be released, you can expect to get your hands on it in February 2019. Until then, check out some pictures below while you wait:


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