Tomb Raider's Revamp Explained

The reboot of Tomb Raider in its 2013 installment has been mentioned before by its developers, but recently Darrell Gallagher, Head of Crystal Dynamics, was quoted with a fuller explanation of the franchise’s newfound inspiration. He also describes the “why” as well, and with some very good reasoning – with gamers advancing into more and more in-depth plots and characters, it was high time Lara Croft grew along with the industry.

We knew we were facing a problem with a franchise that, at the point of starting development, had been around for 13 years. We knew that to stay relevant we had to change.

We wanted to strip it down, give Lara a personality and watch her grow as a character and make her feel more human and believable. Not many game franchises have run as long as Tomb Raider and we were faced with a challenge that many more titles will eventually have to face.

We looked at Batman Begins and Casino Royale and we looked at other franchises in other mediums and said, well how have they remained relevant over the years?

We looked at Batman and Bond and said: ‘Wow, they’ve really done a great job,’ And as other franchises have yet to go through this change, we used them as inspiration.

It’s a very logical explanation, but can Lara Croft advance beyond her jiggly past and become a true female heroine?

As a long-time fan of the series myself, I have high hopes for the franchise. Although Lara Croft is often cited for her sexist imagery, I always enjoyed playing as a strong woman (who had brown hair like me – let’s be honest, my standards as a kid weren’t too high) and following her adventures in the great wide world. Here’s to her overcoming the odds once more and, hopefully, living on to be another girl’s hero.

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