Why Has YouTuber Tommyinnit Been Banned From TikTok? #FreeTommy Trending

Why has TommyInnit been banned from TikTok?

If you’re a fellow Minecraft player, you might already be familiar with TommyInnit. The popular YouTuber has begun trending once again, this time for receiving a ban on TikTok. Tommy took to Twitter to announce his ban, you can check out his tweet below.

Who Is TommyInnit?

Thomas ‘TommyInnit’ Simons is YouTuber and Twitch streamer from England. He’s well known for his Minecraft related content and has almost seven million subscribers on YouTube, and over four million followers on Twitch.

Most of Tommy’s content revolves around using mods in Minecraft and often collaborates with fellow YouTuber, Dream.

Many will know TommyInnit as the fastest-rising breakout star among the Minecraft community. Having only uploaded his first YouTube video in 2018.

Why Did TommyInnit Receive A Ban On TikTok?

On February 24, TommyInnit was suddenly removed from the popular platform TikTok. He had amassed more than four million followers on the platform, and the ban has come as a huge surprise to many.

After Tommy tweeted #FreeTommy, the hashtag began trending on Twitter and reached #1 Worldwide. After the huge support from fans on his Twitter, after the trending hashtag was seen by thousands of people, TommyInnit’s TikTok account was restored only hours later. All of the creator’s videos were restored and Tommy is free to use the popular platform again.

As of writing, TikTok hasn’t made an official statement as to why they decided to ban, then unban, TommyInnit. The YouTuber has no offensive or inappropriate content posted on TikTok, in fact, Tommy only has a total of eighteen videos posted on the platform.

TommyInnit Was Trending Days Prior To Ban

As mentioned previously, TommyInnit often collaborates with fellow Minecraft YouTuber, Dream. During a recent live stream the two were involved in, TommyInnit’s Twitch stream was cut short after the stream went offline momentarily.

The stream had peaked at over five hundred thousand viewers, and during its peak, the stream went offline and many fans took to Twitter to discover what had happened. Due to the large number of viewers flocking to Twitter in the short amount of time his stream was offline, ‘Tommy’ became a trending topic on Twitter.

It goes to show the power and large following Minecraft content creators have!

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