Tonight We Riot Gets Debut Trailer Showing Off its Capitalism Fighting Chaos

Tonight We Riot Gets Debut Trailer Showing Off its Capitalism Fighting Chaos

Today, developer Pixel Pushers Union 512 and publisher New Blood Interactive released the debut trailer for their upcoming action game Tonight We Riot, the only game on the market that lets you fight against the oppression of global capitalism.

Never heard of it? No problem, here’s an official overview from the developer itself:

As a key instigator behind the noble uprising, players direct a growing horde as you fight, smash and brawl your way through the Streets of Change using whatever you can as a weapon. Namely bricks, molotov cocktails and whatever else you can get your hands on. Obtain the trust and loyalty of your fellow workers and liberate them from tyranny. Once you gain the power of the many, cooperate to retaliate against the city’s authoritarian regime and regain control over your life and liberty. Tonight We Riot!


  • Workers of the World Unite! Harness the power of the oppressed as each worker you liberate adds to your chances of overcoming overwhelming odds to take the power back for the working class.
  • Disobedient Co-op! The revolution will be televised for you and a friend in both local and online co-op campaign plus endless arcade action.
  • Revolutionary Soundtrack! An all original Synthwave soundtrack from Sixixix will drive you forward and drive your enemies into the ground.

It was also announced that the game will come with an original Synthwave soundtrack from artist Sixxixix.

Tonight We Riot is set to arrive sometime in 2017 for PC and “consoles.” What consoles exactly, is anyone’s best guess. PlayStation Vita, hopefully.

Checkout the debut trailer below: