Tons of New Super Smash Bros Content Unveiled, Available Today

on September 30, 2015 8:26 AM

The Super Mario Maker stage for Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U was scheduled to release today, but a great deal of brand new content was also made available in the game. The Duck Hunt stage previously only available on the Wii U has made its way over to the 3DS with no extra cost to players.

Additionally, the Pirate Ship stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl is back on the Wii U, with a new Omega Stage form. Several Mii Fighter Costumes are also now available in the game’s DLC store. A bundle that collects all the new maps and costumes across both versions of the game will cost $13.53, $9.73 on the Wii U and $7.75 on the 3DS.

Check out a full list of the new Mii Fighter costumes:

  • Business Suit (outfit only) for All Types (3DS: $0.75, Wii U: $0.75, 3DS/Wii U: $1.15) – A new original outfit for all Mii Fighters. Let everyone know you mean business!
  • Toad Hat + Toad Outfit for Brawler (3DS: $0.75, Wii U: $0.75, 3DS/Wii U: $1.15) – Dress your Mii up as Princess Peach’s adorable attendant with this Mii Brawler costume. The vest color even changes to match the favorite color of your Mii!
  • Viridi Wig + Viridi Outfit for Swordfighter (3DS: $0.75, Wii U: $0.75, 3DS/Wii U: $1.15) – Take command of the Forces of Nature in style with the outfit, hair, and staff of the goddess Viridi from Kid Icarus: Uprising!
  • Hunter’s Helm + Hunter’s Mail for Swordfighter (3DS: $0.75, Wii U: $0.75, 3DS/Wii U: $1.15) – Go on the hunt with this Mii Swordfighter costume based on armor found in Monster Hunter 4!
  • Rathalos Helm + Rathalos Mail for Swordfighter (3DS: $0.75, Wii U: $0.75, 3DS/Wii U: $1.15) – Get kitted out in this armor based on designs from Monster Hunter 4, and start working on your hunter rank!
  • Fox Hat + Fox Outfit for Gunner (3DS: $0.75, Wii U: $0.75, 3DS/Wii U: $1.15) – Authentic right down to the tail! Try pairing your Mii up with Fox to make the perfect fighting team!
  • Captain Falcon Helmet + Captain Falcon’s Outfit for Brawler (3DS: $0.75, Wii U: $0.75, 3DS/Wii U: $1.15) – Show off your moves with Captain Falcon’s suit! (You’ll also receive his headgear if you haven’t already unlocked it!)

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