Tools Up! is Overcooked! for Aspiring Home Renovators and Three of Their Friends

Tools Up! is Overcooked! for Aspiring Home Renovators and Three of Their Friends

Tools Up! lets up to four friends try their hands at home renovation in a game that will remind you of Overcooked! in the best way.

Publisher All In! Games and developer The Knights of Unity have dropped the reveal trailer for their upcoming game Tools Up! The game is a co-op house renovation “sim” that is sure to remind viewers of Overcooked! Watch the trailer below to get an idea of the very structured and meticulous home renovation you’ll get up to in Tools Up!

As you can see, Tools Up! tasks you and up to three of your friends with rebuilding a house in a mysterious skyscraper. You’ll be tearing down walls, laying tile, and placing furniture, among other things. The goal of course is to work together to beat the clock and get a high score.

Anyone who has played Overcooked! will feel at home here. What seems manageable at first will quickly dovetail into fast-paced insanity. If you’re anything like my group, there will lots of yelling. Sometimes happy, but usually the opposite. To spice it up a bit, Tools Up! has a few new tricks up its sleeve that gives you some options for finishing the reno.

Each level has a blueprint, which lets players change the camera angle to get a new perspective on the building. Only one player can hold the blueprint, so only they can change where the camera is looking. Depending on how evil your chosen building manager is feeling that day, this could make the game much easier or a hellish nightmare that you’ll never escape. Tools Up! also lets you throw other players from room-to-room, speeding up travel and giving you a way to move that friend who is just always in the way.

Tools Up! is slated to come to PC sometime in Q3 2019. Keep an eye here for more info.