Journey Composer's Tooth and Tail Original Soundtrack Is Coming Digitally and Physically

Composer Austin Wintory's soundtrack to the upcoming title Tooth and Tail has been announced on digital platforms, CD, and vinyl.

T-65b Records and Varese Sarabande Records announced today that they will be jointly releasing Austin Wintory’s soundtrack for Tooth and Tail both physically and digitally.

The 23-track album titled the Tooth and Tail Original Video Game Soundtrack features a blend of regionally-inspired dance style and Russian folk music. Besides seeing a release on all major digital platforms, it will be released on CD and on vinyl on September 12.

Below is the list of songs that can be found on the album.

  1. The Food of Beasts
  2. Hopper, Flagbearer for the Commonfolk
  3. Bellafide, Firebrand of the Longcoats
  4. The Quartermaster of the KSR
  5. Archimedes, Left Hand of the Civilized
  6. The Old South Distillery
  7. Hollow in the Gut
  8. Hyperduck Soundworks: Who becomes the meat?
  9. The Hungry Face A Stiff Wind
  10. Kristin Naigus: Bellafide’s Tarantella
  11. Fuel of the Firebrand
  12. Snikaree Liberation
  13. Waltz of the KSR (By John Robert Matz)
  14. Black Sledge Uprising
  15. Bonepit Exile
  16. The Siege of Ragfall Road
  17. Eli Bishop: Archimedes’ Tango
  18. The War for Meat
  19. Salome Scheidegger: The Ivories of Beasts
  20. Swine, Inscribed
  21. To the Ends
  22. Darren Korb: Anthem of the Commonfolk
  23. Victors Will Feast

Besides scoring nearly 50 films, Austin Wintory has also been responsible for composing soundtracks for JourneyAbzû, and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Although not usually a fan of more eclectic music writing, Wintory has stated that with the Tooth and Tail soundtrack, “it was genuinely called for” as the music became a way of reinforcing the weight of a player’s decision when choosing one of the game’s four factions.

If you’re interested in purchasing the digital soundtrack, it is now available for a minimum of $7.00 on Bandcamp. No information has been provided on where the album will be sold physically.

Pocketwatch Games’ Tooth and Tail title is scheduled to release on PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux on September 12. Recently, it was revealed that the game would see cross-play between PC and PlayStation 4.

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