Top 4 Skullgirls DLC Hopefuls and Meridian Rooftops Stage Revealed

Top 4 Skullgirls DLC Hopefuls and Meridian Rooftops Stage Revealed

Lab Zero dropped some important Skullgirls related news over the weekend. Firstly, the third round of voting for the game’s fourth DLC fighter has concluded and you won’t believe who made the cut. The four remaining potential fighters are Eliza, Minette, Annie and Aeon. Of course I’m thrilled that Stanley is out of the running, but I’m truly surprised to see that Eliza has made it this far. She was one of my original choices and I’m very happy to see that other players like her.

Minette is also somewhat surprising (people really want her, huh?) and I didn’t think that Aeon was so popular, but Annie honestly isn’t too surprising.

The other reveal was a piece of concept art for the newest stage being developed for the game: the Meridian Rooftops stage. This is an early, rough sketch, but as they have in the past, the team will be releasing more detailed and colored sketches as the stage is completed.  Meridian Rooftops looks really cool with the blimps and what not. What do you guys think of the final four characters? Did your favorite make it? I’m sure the pro-Panzerfaust crowd is pretty hurt.

meridian roofttops

The final round of voting has commenced. The character who wins will be the fourth DLC character developed for the game. Who do you want to win? Who do you not want to win?