Top 5 Among Us Mods May 2021 - How To Download & Install

Turn Among Us into a brand new game with these mods!

May 23, 2021

Among Us was arguably the biggest game of 2020. Although Innersloth released the popular social deduction game back in 2018, it found huge attention in 2020 after various Twitch streamers and YouTubers began playing the game.

Following the title’s huge success, many players began creating mods for Among Us. With the game being very basic, mods are a way to add a plethora of new features for players to continue their fun.

Here are the Top 5 Mods for Among Us in May of 2021, including a full guide on downloading and installing mods for Innersloth’s popular title.

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Top 5 Among Us Mods – May 2021

DualShockers have compiled the five most popular mods for Among Us as of May, 2021. The below list is in no particular order.

Sheriff Mod

The Sheriff Mod in Among Us allows players to play as an additional character known as ‘Sheriff’. Crewmates and Impostors will play as normal, but the Sheriff has the ability to shoot the impostor should they be able to work out who it is. But be careful, accidentally shooting a crewmate will result in the Sheriff losing their life instead.

Download the Among Us Sheriff Mod here.

Town of Us Mod

Similar to the Sheriff Mod, the Town of Us Mod implements various roles into Among Us. This mod will enable the following roles to Among Us:

Crewmate Roles

  • Mayor
  • Lovers
  • Sheriff
  • Engineer
  • Swapper
  • Investigator
  • Time Lord
  • Medic
  • Seer
  • Child
  • Spy
  • Snitch
  • Altruist

Neutral Roles

  • Jester
  • Shifter
  • The Glitch
  • Executioner
  • Arsonist

Impostor Roles

  • Janitor
  • Morphling
  • Camouflager
  • Miner
  • Swooper


  • Torch
  • Diseased
  • Flash
  • Tiebreaker
  • Drunk
  • Giant
  • Button Barry

To find out all of the details of each role, check out the official GitHub page for the Town of Us Mod. You can download the mod right here.

Extra Roles Mod

This mod adds a total of 4 new roles to Among Us, all of which can be found below:

  • Medic
    • “The Medic can give any player a shield that will make them immortal. Although, if The Medic dies, the shield will break. The only exception is The Officer; they will still die if they try to kill a Crewmate. The Medic’s other feature shows when they find a corpse: they can get a report that contains clues to the killer’s identity.”
  • Officer
    • “The Officer is a class of Crewmate that is allowed to kill people, similar to Impostors. Their goal is to locate the Impostor and deliver vigilante justice, but if they accidentally shoot a Crewmate, they die instead.”
  • Engineer
    • “The Engineer can repair one emergency per game from anywhere on the entire map. The other ability of The Engineer is that they are able to use the vents that were previously exclusive to Impostors.”
  • Joker
    • “The Joker is interesting; they aren’t part of the Crewmates or Impostors, and they can only win by being falsely convicted as an Impostor. If The Joker get’s voted off the ship, the game will end instantly. The Joker also has no tasks.”

Download the Extra Roles Mod for Among Us right here.

Love Couple Mod

Love is in Among Us! The Love Couple Mod includes a new win condition for two randomly chosen players. If you are ‘In Love’ with another player, the two of you are able to win should you both make it to the final 3 players. Additional options can also be set such as ‘Both Lovers Die’.

Download the Love Couple Mod for Among Us right here.

BetterCrewLink Proximity Chat Mod

Proximity Chat quickly became one of the most popular mods for Among Us after various streamers began using the BetterCrewLink Proximity Chat Mod. The mod does exactly as the title suggest, players are able to communicate via voice chat when in a certain proximity of each other. This adds a whole new element to the game as you’ll need to be careful what you say if you’re an impostor!

Download the BetterCrewLink Proximity Chad Mod for Among Us right here.

How To Download & Install Among Us Mods

All of the mods mentioned in the list above can be downloaded via the official Curse Forge Website. Here’s a guide on downloading and installing all of the mods mentioned above, plus any other Among Us mods.

Please note, these mods can only be installed on the PC/Steam version of Among Us.

  • First, download the mod you would like to install. All of the links to the mods mentioned in the list above can be found above.
  • Next, head to the Among Us folder location on your PC.
    • You can do this by finding Among Us in your Steam Library and selecting ‘Manage > Properties > Local Files > Browse…
  • Select the ‘common‘ folder found in your ‘steamapps‘ folder and copy and paste the ‘Among Us‘ folder into the ‘common‘ folder, this will then create a folder titled ‘Among Us – Copy‘.
  • Rename the ‘Among Us – Copy‘ folder to the name of the mod you are installing. For example, if you are installing the Sheriff Mod for Among Us, title the folder ‘Among Us – Sheriff‘.
  • Now, copy and paste the full contents of the downloaded mod folder into the new ‘Among Us – Sheriff‘ folder. Making sure to select the ‘Replace the files in this destination‘ when prompted.
  • Run the Among Us.exe.‘ file located in the ‘Among Us – Sheriff’ folder and the game will now launch with the installed mod!
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