Top 5 Features needed in NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition

By Vignesh Raja

September 15, 2021

With the confirmation of NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition, a lot of discussions have started on various expected features. Here is a collective idea of all the features we need in the upcoming title.

Yesterday, Apple confirmed the development of the upcoming NBA 2K22 Arcade edition during its annual event. The last edition of NBA 2K21 was a good beginning for the franchise on the Apple Arcade, with many gaming pundits appreciating the visual appeal, controller support and multiplayer aspects.

Still, several fans and veterans of the NBA video games felt that the 2K21 needed improvements on various grounds and want several new /existing features to be included in the upcoming game.

NBA 2K22 | The City

NBA 2K22 | The City

Inclusion of the Season Mode

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition had three different Game Modes – Mycareer, PlayNow, and Blacktop, similar to the console counterpart. The only notable exception on the Arcade edition was the non-inclusion of the high octane season mode. The most highlighting feature of any NBA game is the season mode and this was missing in the last Arcade edition. Season mode is one of the highly played modes on the console version.

It allows the player to indulge in team customization, participate in official tournaments, track stats and much more. Hopefully, visual concepts adds the much-demanded mode for the upcoming NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition.

Enriched MyCareer Mode

MyCareer mode is one of the most played modes on the current edition of the game. Though the mode is fun and has a layer of customization, it lacks depth compared to its console version. Of course, it’s unfair to compare a console version to the 5GB mobile adaptation, but many small features could have been present.

MyCareer mode on the Arcade Version allowed us to create a new character and places us directly into the NBA league, which is shallow compared to the PS5 version where we have a graph to play the school matches, amateur leagues and showcases our struggle to the NBA.

So, in the upcoming NBA 2K22, we need some content to track our journey with amateur leagues and other stuff.

Creating Custom Signature Jump Shots


The game has a large amount of customization in the character creator mode with such an in-depth level of variables. But, even after possessing such features, it almost confuses any players that it does not have an option to create a Signature Jumpshot for themselves.

There are more than 15 different jump shots based on various professional players that can be trimmed or adjusted to create a version for ourselves.

Enhanced Mobile Controls

Source: Cnet

NBA 2K21 mobile controls had one of the most horrible layouts that came out in recent times. The left virtual analogue allowed the players to move the character as well as control the sprint speed. This control layout made players do opposite stuff than the intended one, making players sprint at unnecessary times and gassing them out.

These functions become more menacing when trying to guard against a marked player as you often run ahead of him or fall way behind. The developers need to make a proper design layout by following the other games like PES, FIFA, or even the older NBA series to get the gameplay going.

Improved Overall Game Aesthetics

The last edition of the game was one of the better-looking games that got released in mobile history. The developers had put a lot of effort into improving the graphics aspect but forgot to give any importance to the game aesthetics.

Most of the matches look quite empty in terms of crowd, and the noises from the few crowd members are also repetitive. The casters are also quite repetitive with their voice lines and need some improvement to bring a flair. 

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