Top 5 Gaming Mice of 2021 to Give You a Competitive Edge

Here are the best gaming mice of 2021.

By Jamie Good

September 28, 2021

With companies coming out with so many different mice, each advertised with particular use cases. Here are the top 5 Gaming mice of 2021 covering a variety of needs.

In a lot of games, a good mouse can be the difference-maker. Be it the sensor’s accuracy, the responsiveness of the buttons, or the ergonomic design that allows you to play for long periods comfortably.

With this in mind, the following five mice will each specialise in something different so that you can choose the best one suited to your needs.

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New World: Chart Your Fate Trailer

New World: Chart Your Fate Trailer

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless


To begin with, the Logitech G502, whilst being a slightly older mouse at this point, remains a top pick when looking for a premium do it all wireless gaming mouse.

Boasting Logitech’s Lightspeed technology, the response time of this mouse is second to none for gaming mice in 2021. Although the price tag found on their website might seem a bit much, it can often be found for up to £30 off at different retailers.

This mouse is perfect for anyone looking to lose the cable and go wireless with a top tier mouse.

Steelseries Rival 3 and Rival 3 Wireless

Wired – £34.99
Wireless – £54.99

For those who are either new to PC gaming or have a tight budget but still want an excellent mouse, the Steelseries Rival 3 is perfect for you.

With the wired version at £34.99, the Rival 3 is a well built and comfortable budget mouse. With the wireless version only coming in at £20 more, it is targetting an entry-level market for PC gaming and is excellent for those who may want to try a wireless mouse but are not convinced yet.

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Glorious Model O


Players looking for a no thrills, high-performance mouse look no further than the Glorious Model O. With a honeycomb design for comfort and weight, the Model O comes in at a lightweight 60 grams.

Designed for lightness, the Model O is excellent for players who want to step up their hardware for FPS games. In addition to its weight, the Model O features a flexible cable and premium sensor. Meaning the Model O will give you a helping hand in hitting crispy flicks in the FPS of your choice.

Razer Naga Pro


With new MMOs being released and announced, all who want to try them out should consider the Razer Naga Pro.

The primary use case for this gaming mouse and mice like these is playing MMOs. Despite the Naga having quite a premium price, it is second to none regarding the options it gives each of its users. With three removable plates, players can choose between having twelve, six and two side buttons.

Its most significant and only real competitor being the Corsair Scimitar. The Naga takes the spot by having better customisation options and switches on the side buttons, as the Scimitar can feel spongy and unresponsive.

Razer Viper Mini


The last entry is for those with slightly smaller hands, as most of the mice on this list are pretty large due to their designs and use cases.

With a low price, weight, and small size, the Viper Mini is perfect for gamers with smaller hand sizes or for those looking for a portable mouse to pair with a laptop.

The size is its unique selling point, the Viper Mini is quite a simple mouse otherwise, but it still features good Razer switches and a solid build design.

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