Top 5 Monitors to Upgrade Any Gaming Setup in 2021

Here are the best gaming monitors for 2021.

By Jamie Good

September 21, 2021

The latest consoles and high-end GPUs are finally becoming more accessible to all. Here are 5 Monitors gamers should consider upgrading to if they want to take full advantage of their new systems.

After your system hardware or console, the next step in planning a gaming setup is often the screen you use. With the performance increase coming from the latest hardware, gamers’ current monitors might not be utilizing the PS5, Xbox Series X, or the newest GPUs to their fullest potential.

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This list will cover a range of specifications, prioritizing refresh rate, resolution, response time, or size. Although not all monitors will cover everything, there will most certainly be one that fits your budget and what you want out of a monitor.

Additionally, this is for monitors that gamers use at desk setups rather than for the lounge/ living room.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits | Release Trailer

Kena: Bridge of Spirits | Release Trailer

Samsung Odyssey G3 Gaming Monitors

24″ – £159.99
27″ – £199.99

The Odyssey G3 series is available as both 24″ and 27″ panels. They are giving players options for what will fit within their price range and space on the desk. The two variants are quite well priced with the 24″ version being £159.99 at Argos and the 27″ being £199.99 at Overclockers.

These monitors may not be of the highest resolution, but they do boast a 1ms response time. The main reason it is on this list is that it will give console players a relatively affordable entry into higher refresh rate gaming.

With the requirement of an HDMI 2.0 cable, the G3 series gives users the chance to utilize the fact that the newest generation of consoles can achieve higher than 60 fps gaming on specific titles.

Although external speakers are required with this monitor, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack that people can use for any already owned audio device.

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LG 27UL550


It’s only a small step up in price compared to the G3 27″ model. LG’s 27″ 4K monitor gives players that 4K resolution panel for their consoles to take full advantage of.

The LG 27UL550 runs at 60Hz instead of 144hz. Whether you want to maximize resolution and visual fidelity, or want the smooth feeling of a high refresh rate, instead. The choice is yours to make at this price point.

Similar to the G3, this monitor does not feature speakers but has a 3.5mm headphone port for external speakers or headphones.



The BENQ 31.5″ monitor is perfect for players looking for something a little more than LG’s entry on this list. It features a larger panel to display that 4K resolution, allowing more space for you to take in all of the stunning detail in the latest games.

Again this 4K monitor only runs at 60Hz, though at the very least, it does feature internal speakers, unlike the previous entries.

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Unfortunately, it has a slightly slower response time, at 4ms though this is often expected from larger, higher resolution monitors. Although this response time is unlikely to affect gameplay for players who are prioritizing visuals over performance.

Iiyama GB3461WQSU-B1


This entry is directed towards PC gamers looking to experience a new kind of monitor. With the popularity of multiple monitor setups increasing, some may want to consider ultrawide monitors.

The monitor features a 1440p resolution across an extended width, 1ms response time, and 144Hz refresh rate. It checks all of the boxes a gamer could want, in addition to providing increased screen real estate for media and web browsing, which is one of the most significant benefits to having two monitors in the first place.

It also has internal speakers and options for external speaker use, giving users choices for their audio setup with this monitor.

Samsung G75T


To cap off the list, we are back with Samsung, although this time it is with a significantly higher-end monitor. Whilst consoles can benefit from some of the features such as the 1440p resolution and the 1ms response time, the PS5, Xbox Series X as well as most common GPUs are unable to utilize the 240Hz refresh rate. This reason makes this monitor more targetted for the upper end of PC setups.

The Odyssey G7 covers all areas for gaming and media consumption other than a 4K resolution. Although 1440p is still nothing to scoff at, considering 1080p monitors are still the standard.

The G7 does not feature internal speakers, though if you are thinking of buying this, you most likely already have external speakers or headphones in mind.

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