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Top 5 Pokemon in Pokemon Unite - All-Rounders, Attackers, Defenders and Speedsters

The best Pokemon in Unite.

December 1, 2021

Pokemon Unite has established itself as one of the most popular MOBA games out there.

Released a few months ago, the game was widely acclaimed by both fans and critics alike. Initially, it was released only on the Nintendo Switch, and it later made its way to mobile devices as well. The fact that it supported cross-play between mobile and Switch from the launch itself gave the game a good boost as well, as players were able to play with their friends across platforms without any hassles whatsoever.

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Considering that Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game, choosing the right character, Pokemon, in this case, is quite pivotal. If you are wondering which are the best Pokemon to choose in the game, you can find a list of them below.

The Pokémon UNITE | Halloween Festival Trailer

The Pokémon UNITE | Halloween Festival Trailer

Top 5 Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

#1 – Lucario

At the first position, we have an All-Rounder, considering they are quite flexible. Whether you are on the attack or defense, with an all-rounder on your team, you can never go wrong. That being said, they are a bit tricky to handle. The best all-rounder in the game is none other than Lucario. Lucario has an Offense rating of 3, Endurance Rating of 2.5, Mobility rating of 3.5, Scoring rating of 3, and Support rating of 0.5. Its attacks Extreme Speed and Bone Rush are quite useful to deal damage and perform other moves.

#2 – Machamp

Well, this might disappoint some of the die-hard Charizard fans out there, but the second-best all-rounder in the game is not Charizard. Charizard might be an amazing Pokemon, but in Unite, Machamp is a better Pokemon to choose. Its attacks Karate Chop and Bulk Up bundled up with an offensive rating of 4 and endurance, mobility, and scoring rating of 2.5 it is quite a good Pokemon to have.

#3- Pikachu

The third Pokemon on our list is an attacker. These are quite useful in the game as they can deal a ton of damage to the enemy team. Here, we have a fan-favorite choice, and that is Pikachu. Its attacks Thunder Shock and Electro Web are effective from a distance as well, and that is what makes it such a great attacker.

#4- Blastoise

In the fourth place, we have a defender. Defenders are equally important, as they can defend the attackers and other Pokemon from the attack of the enemy team. For our defender, we have Blastoise, which is another Pokemon used a lot by players. One of the major reasons why Blastoise is such a great Pokemon is because it is excellent at crowd control, and that can turn out to be quite pivotal at any hour in the game.

#5- Zeraora

Lastly, we have a Speedster on our list. Speedsters not only have high mobility stats but a high attack rating at the same time as well. Zeraora is one of the most sought Speedsters in the game, and its Unite move is one of the reasons why it is such a powerful Pokemon. If you want to play a speedster, you can never go wrong with Zeraora.

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