Top Artists From Activision, Microsoft, Ready at Dawn, Turtle Rock & More Unite to Fight Cancer

on February 18, 2015 1:59 AM

Some of the top artists in the video game industry have banded together to fight cancer in memory of Kevin Kenai Griffith, a game developer at Activision Blizzard who died late last year after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that has no cure and no treatment.

It’s a sad thing to report on, but there is a brighter side. Before his death, Griffith’s friends, industry colleagues and Activision work-mates got together to create Gamer for Life, a fan art tribute book based on the games that Griffith’s enjoyed the most.

The intention was that the funds gained would pay for any unpaid medical bills and in the end they managed to financially support his memorial service.

Now Gamers for Good is going even further to do more good in Griffith’s name by continuing production on the aforementioned book which contains almost 500 pieces of fan art based on the top ten games that Griffith’s enjoyed.

What’s more is that almost 300 game artists from Activision, Microsoft, Turtle Rock Studios, Tencent, Ready at Dawn and many more have donated their time and efforts to create the content for the book which will only be available by funding their fight against cancer.

The Gamer for Life: KKG Fan Art Tribute indiegogo campaign is looking to raise $40,000 to be split between two charities: Game Changer and CureASVS.

The campaign has another 29 days to go but is already nearly halfway towards the goal amount, which is incredible! You can go over to the page and donate here as well as check out the perks that backers will receive.

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