Top Ten Moments of a Gamer

To every gamer, there are moments in which we will always remember, either they being good or bad. It is these moments that make us or break us, and are the deciding points in our gaming lives, either allowing us to continue to play games or ultimately make way for another hobby, like croquet. But enough about the bad moments. Let’s talk about what puts a smile on our faces in the gaming world. This segment is my break down of the top ten moments of a gamer, ones that we would cherish forever.

10) Turning on a new system for the first time: Yes this is a good one. I bet we can all remember our first impressions as we laid eyes on the new glorified system of ours. I remember playing my Nintendo for the first time, at 4 years old even. I thought this was the greatest thing in the world. Then I said the same thing when Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, XBOX, PlayStation 2, even when Virtual Boy came out. Exploring the features to our new system was always exhilarating, especially with the later systems, since the older systems just played the games we put in. Opening up the system for the holidays, receiving it as a gift, or taking it home after purchase, all of us could not wait to try it.

9) Winning a tournament: Not all of us could ever accomplish such a feat. Plus, not many of us gamers know that tournaments large and small even exist. But to those few, wiping out the competition, as you are the last man standing, raising your hands and controller in the air with excitement as the crowd cheers. Winning money, prizes, and fame are second rate compared to the feeling you are taking in at that moment.

8) Opening a game: Depending on the game, you couldn’t wait to rip it open to see if the game disc is inside, or if you got ripped off. We all could relate to this, especially to those who really wanted a certain game badly. Call of Duty, Gears of War, the Halo series; most of us waited for the midnight releases, stood out in the cold, some ripping open the plastic seal off the game right after they got it in their hands just so they can be together at last. We all love that feeling.

7) Beating a game: What better moment to have than opening a game, but to beat the game which you were so desperate to open. Playing for many hours, completing challenging tasks, all for a single goal. To see those credits roll at the very end, you knew before that you were incomplete. But now, it feels you can leave the game in peace. For me, I still have Assassin’s Creed 1 haunting me in my sleeps because I still have no time to come around to completing it. I am ashamed, but I will free its soul someday.

6) Playing with your friends: Partying and gaming. Two words which make me weep when put into a single sentence together. To be a gamer and socialize with other people with a common interest is always enjoyable. Rock Band nights, Call of Duty nights, even Gears Night are some of the names many gamers, including myself, have given to those special nights when are closest gaming friends come to one single location, bringing their TV’s and systems, just to have one huge game orgy. If all goes well (lots of wins), then everyone leaves happy, and another game night could exist again in the future.

5) Overcoming an obstacle: Remember those times when you were stuck in a single part of the game, where you kept dying or you got lost, losing your interest of the game and your mind? You thought to yourself, this game is a lost cause, because there is just no way around it. But still, after a few days you go back to that same game and try it again. And behold, for some godlike reason, you have managed to solve what you could not solve for many hours. I think it was the game gods feeling sorry for us and therefore lighting the way for our predicament. Whatever it was, after going past the point of no return, that smile on our faces would not come off for the rest of the day.

4) Being on top of the leader boards: King of the hill much? Who doesn’t like to be number one, and also wants everyone in the world to see your prowess? I would like to, but as of now, I’ll take my 100,000 place in COD MW2. Compared to 3 million, I think the top 10% is fulfilling enough. Many people, from many different games and genres, have tried to compete for the number one spot, either in kills, wins, etc. Everyone wants their name in the spotlight, because everyone looks at you for a benchmark, saying to themselves that they will be their someday. Until then, this is your moment.

3) Beating your rival:All of us have a rival. Do not disagree with me on this one. There is always someone out there who we just want to be better at, even in gaming. Most of the time they just kick our asses because it seems they are just a prodigy at it, and we are disgusted by it. We try hard to beat them but no good comes of it. But when the tide is turned, and we have them against the ropes hence making us the victor, there is no better moment but to just laugh at their face.

2) Having someone acknowledge your gaming skills: Many people are good at multiple games, some of us are are good at one. Many people who we play against are sore losers and they blame their loss because we cheated or they weren’t ready, or some childish bullshit excuse. Then there are some gamers out there who actually admit defeat because you were just better than they were, and they have the balls to tell you how good of a gamer you really are. It’s rare but always nice to hear someone say those things to you, especially when you deserve it.

1) To be at a plateau you thought was improbable: My number one gamers moment. In the gaming world there are things you can do which no one can see themselves doing, ever. In some cases, being prestige level 10 in Call of Duty, or being level 9,999 in Disgaea, or other things which would take you many gaming hours. You have dedicated part of your life to achieve only a handful can achieve. A few hundred thousand is a handful, where there are millions out there who are no where close to where you are. There might be a few of you reading this who will say, “those people are where they are because they have no life and we are nowhere close to where they are because we do”. All I can say is that everyone has a life, it’s how they choose to live out their lives is a different story. Some people actually go out and get drunk and sleep with as many people as possible, and some actually strive for some sort of inner accomplishments. That is why this is my number one choice as a moment for a gamer.

Brendan Ecock

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