Torchlight Frontiers Officially Rebranded as Torchlight 3, Set to Launch This Year

Torchlight 3 takes the bones of Torchlight Frontier and into a fully-featured, premium title that of the series will almost undoubtedly love.

The developers at Perfect World Entertainment announced today that Torchlight Frontiers has now been rebranded as Torchlight 3. Alongside this change in the name are some major overhauls to the gameplay, the business model, and even where you’ll be able to pick the title up. All of that and more is discussed in Perfect World’s new video below.

Previously, Torchlight Frontiers was a free-to-play game that was set to launch on the Arc store. However, now that Perfect World has decided to make some big changes, they’ve thrown that business plan out the window. As revealed in the video, Torchlight 3 will be a fully-featured, premium release. That means you’ll pay one price and get all the content in the game. No nickel-and-diming here. It also means that the game will move to Steam instead of the Arc store. That should make it much easier for Torchlight 3 to bring in players, as there are still tons of people who only want to play PC games on Steam.

The developers also discussed all of the community feedback they’ve received from the alpha testers. As far as I can tell, they haven’t yet released a breakdown of all the gameplay changes they’ve made, but it sounds significant. I put around 100 hours into the first two Torchlights, so hearing that Perfect World is swinging back that direction after the somewhat disappointing announcement of Torchlight Frontiers is music to my ears. Here’s hoping they don’t take out the “Conductor of Pain” Railmaster class with these new changes though.

Torchlight 3 is coming to PC sometime in 2020. When it launches, I fully expect to not see the light of day for a few weeks.

Ricky Frech

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